Ryan Dunn: Coroner's Office Determines Cause of Death

The "Jackass" star and his passenger died from "blunt and thermal" trauma.
Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Ryan Dunn

The cause of death for Jackass star, Ryan Dunn, and his passenger, production assistant Zachary Hartwell, has been determined.

The Washington Post reports that the Chester County Coroner’s Office has determined that the two men died of accidental “blunt and thermal trauma” in Monday’s accident from the impact of the crash and resulting fire.

While there has been plenty of speculation that Dunn was driving drunk, reports reveal his blood alcohol level will not be confirmed until the official autopsy is completed in six weeks.

Dunn, 34, and Hartwell, 30, died early Monday morning in West Chester, Pa. when the reality star drove off the road and crashed into a tree at high speeds, according to early police reports



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