Ryan Dunn 'Flipped' Bam Margera 8 Times in a Previous Car Wreck

Bam Margera - "Jackass 3D" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals - 2010
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Bam Margera isn't surprised by the way his close friend Ryan Dunn suddenly died, but that doesn't make the sting any less.

"It was pretty much the worst news I've ever heard in my life" he tells E! News in a sit down interview.

Margera was in Arizona at the time, when friends told him that he needed to speak with his brother immediately. It was his brother who gave him the somber news, though for Margera, a high intensity car crash was nothing new.

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"He flipped me in a car eight times at the same exact spot in 1996," he recalls. "Thank God I had my seat belt on, because Chris Raab put one on me, but my brother didn't have one on. He flew 40 feet. Thank God he's alive. But like, Dunn was always a manic at driving."

The Jackass daredevil also recalls the last conversation with his late pal via text messages.

"Stopping for a beer, be there when I can," read the very last received text from Dunn. Margera admits that knowing what he knows today, he would have asked Dunn not to drive. Unfortunately, Margera also explains that Dunn probably would not have listened.

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"He was my best f***ing friend in the world. It's been five days now and I can't stop crying man," Margera adds. "I just don't think it should've been him."

Still, many friends and acquaintances have reached out to console the grieving star, including Brad Pitt.

"I think it's rad that, you know, people I talk to rarely, you know, can take the time to text me," he says of the outpouring of support.

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Dunn died tragically on Monday June 20 when he crashed his Porsche while traveling at 130 miles an hour. His blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit when he lost control and crashed into a tree, killing himself and production assistant, Zachary Hartwell.

In the DVD commentary for Season 5 of their hit MTV reality show, Margera can be heard saying, "He's gonna eat it one of these times [in a car accident.]" Adding, "He'll never learn his lesson."

Another cast member on hand joked, "I have [Ryan] in the death pool… for death by vehicle."

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