Ryan Lochte Describes Prince Harry Swimming Race on 'Fallon' (Video)

Ryan Lochte Prince Harry H 2012

The summer's hottest breakout Olympics star. The wild child of the British throne. A late night in Las Vegas.

And yet somehow, it all seems so... mundane.

On the night that Prince Harry made international headlines by taking off his pants, he also made waves by keeping them on in a swimming pool during a race with Ryan Lochte. The five-time medal-winner gave a bit of a play by play of the surreal event during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday, explaining that they just happened to be hanging out at the same exclusive party.

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The Prince's detail asked Lochte if he wanted a meeting, to which he responded "Aww yeah." (Notably, not Jeah). Then Harry asked him if he wanted to race, to which he responded yes. Then Harry said they didn't have to bother changing, and would just swim in their clothing. To which Lochte responded yes -- and then promised the third in line to the British throne that he'd beat him.

Presumably, the conversation was deeper than what Lochte offered in his recounting.

Also in the interview, Lochte discusses how he fell in love with swimming (he fell into a pool); how he avoided having his medals stripped for wearing his bejeweled grill (he said, "please don't strip me of my medal"); and gave some details about his workout DVD.