Ryan Reynolds On 'Change-Up' Filming: 'Atlanta Was Trying to Kill Me' (Video)

During an appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, the actor joked about some of the movie's on-location production woes.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds may bring the comedy on screen in The Change Up, but his off screen life was not so funny while filming in Atlanta.

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Not funny at the time, at least. His tales of woe made for a good laugh on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday night.

“It’s a gorgeous place, great people,” Reynolds said of the Georgia city in which he filmed. “But I was pretty convinced early on that Atlanta was trying to kill me.”

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Between a trailer fire on his first day and a flood in his replacement trailer two days later, Reynolds was not off to a good start. Little did he know, the troubles were just beginning.

“The following month it just sort of snowballed,” he explained. “My hotel room flooded, my dog got sick, came down with a slight case of divorce and I broke my pinky finger. I was begging to get out of Atlanta at that point.”

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“No offense to Atlanta,” he continued. “It’s a fantastic place, but it really wants my blood.”

Watch Reynolds’ full appearance below, in which he also discusses his early acting gig on a Canadian soap opera. The Change Up hits theaters Aug. 5th.

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