Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Spoof 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' With James Corden

Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin made their latest Deadpool 2 press tour stop with a pretaped sketch for CBS' The Late Late Show on Thursday night, but host James Corden didn't seem too happy in their attempted remake of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The footage — complete with horses, gunslingers and everything else needed to make a Western — was supposedly shot before Reynolds and Brolin joined forces in Deadpool 2. However, the reboot never saw the light of day for reasons that quickly became evident. 

"It's high stakes at high noon," a voiceover said before dubbing Reynolds the Good, Brolin the Bad and Corden, of course, the Ugly.

Corden cut the voiceover off afterwards. "I'm sorry, what did they just say? Did anyone else hear that?" he said, to which Reynolds replied, "Yeah, they just called you ugly."

"Uglier than a sack of pig testicles," Brolin said.

Corden wasn't buying it, though. "I'm the one who's good," he said. "I'm a loving father and husband. I'm active in my community. I give to charity."

But Reynolds said he does all that, too — plus he's Canadian, while British people like Corden are often villains. 

"Why do you guys play bad guys in, like, every movie?" Reynolds asked before spewing out examples with Brolin's help: Die Hard, Star Wars, Jungle Book, Silence of the Lambs and even Harry Potter ("Everyone's British in Harry Potter!" Corden replied).

The three continued to argue about their respective roles, but since Corden wouldn't budge, they eventually killed the project. He seemed to go along with Reynolds suggestion of a different movie, but it's easy to see how things might go sour. In a remake of Three Men and a Baby, the three men are actually Reynolds, Brolin and Corden's bandleader Reggie Watts — leaving Corden as the actual baby.