Ryan Reynolds Says He Initially Wanted to Do a Different Voice for Pikachu Role

Ryan Reynolds attends the Deadpool 2 Tokyo Premiere - Getty-H 2018
Jun Sato/WireImage

Ryan Reynolds made a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night, where he discussed taking on the character of Pikachu.

For his new film Pokémon Detective Pikachu, out May 10, Reynolds lends his voice for the title role. When preparing for his role, Reynolds explained that he originally wanted to alter his voice for the character but was advised to avoid doing so. Reynolds explained to Fallon that he hoped to change his voice to embody a "film noir" or sound like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit had a baby with Blade Runner," but the film's team was not in favor of his preferred voice. 

The actor said they advised, "Or maybe just do Ryan Reynolds ... Maybe shut up and do the other thing." 

Known for having fun with marketing his films, Reynolds admitted that when he released a "fake inside the actor's studio"-type video ("It's like a method actor trying to portray Detective Pikachu," he explained), he was shocked to learn that some fans took it seriously, when has never considered himself a method actor.

"A lot of people thought that was real," Reynolds told Fallon.  "Even in the casual glance at my resume, I am not Daniel Day-Lewis or Christian Bale ... I just graduated from the Aerosmith online acting academy," he quipped. 

The actor also explained that he's happy the film is being released now when "the news these days is just like pouring hot lemon juice into your eyeballs."

"It's just a nice adventure," he said of the Pokémon film.

Though the Warner Bros. film opens to theaters on May 10, Legendary has already begun work on a sequel to its Pokémon-based movie, with Oren Uziel set to pen the script.

Later in the show, Reynolds and Fallon also played a game of "Spit Take Roulette."