Sacha Baron Cohen Takes Martin Scorsese Prisoner in Surprise 'SNL' Appearance (Video)

Sacha Baron Cohen Martin Scorsese SNL

Seth Meyers invited The Dictator's Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) for an interview on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, to discuss his new film.

The Supreme Leader, All Triumphant General and Chief Opthamologist of People's Republic of Wadiya was insistent that The Dictator was receiving favorable reviews. As evidence, he pulled out a blood-stained "review" from The New York Times chief film critic, A.O. Scott.

"The Dictator is the best film I have seen in the last 10 years," Aladeen read. "There, I said it. Please, please, not my face."

Aladeen then produced two bloody thumbs, saying Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert famously gave the film "two thumbs up."

Finally, the dictator produced a bound and hooded figure to give an in-person review. He lifted the hood, and it was none other than Hugo director Martin Scorsese.

"It was good," Scorsese said of the film. Aladeen shocked him, after which Scorsese amended himself: "It was great." Shocked again. "It was better than Raging Bull."

"You think this is torture?" Aladeen asked Scorsese. "I had to sit through The Aviator."

Baron Cohen's character then sent Scorsese back to his prison cell, which the director objected, saying he was promised he would be let go if he gave the film a positive review. "Well, you promised me that Hugo would be under two hours," the dictator replied.