SAG Awards 2013: 'Breaking Bad' Stars Dish on the Final Season (Video)

With the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad set to air this summer, fans are extremely curious how the beloved AMC series will wrap up the tale of Walter White.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Anna Gunn, Betsy Brandt and R.J. Mitte on the red carpet before the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday to find out how the final episodes were going. Later that night, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who plays science teacher-turned-meth kingpin Walter on the show, won his first Actor award for his work on the series.

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The first eight episodes of the split season ended with Walter deciding to exit the meth business, but his detective brother-in-law, Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) might have figured out that Walt is the infamous meth producer that's been running their town.

The actors have shot the first couple of episodes of the final half-season but have about six more left to shoot. They tell THR that they don’t know how the series will end and have yet to see any of the very final scripts.

“I think there’s going to be so much secrecy and mystery around it that I don’t think any of us will know until we get there,” says Gunn, who plays Walter's wife Skyler.

As for what hopes she may hold for her character, Gunn says her wish is pretty basic: “I hope she survives.”

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Shooting the final season of the explosive drama has been bittersweet and sometimes emotional for some of the actors.

“Dean Norris and I are not a sappy TV couple, but we’ve been a little sappy, like, ‘I love working with you so much,' ” says Brandt, who plays Hank Schrader's wife Marie.

Gunn says that she’s just trying to enjoy every moment that they have left on set.

“I’m trying not to get ahead of myself,” she says. “I’m trying to relish and savor every second of it because we’re so lucky.”

Mitte, who plays Walter White’s son on the show, says that the last eight episodes are “just outstanding.”

“I’m really excited to see how everything plays out,” he adds.