WGN America's 'Salem' Full Trailer: Witch Panic Goes From Zero to a Hundred (Video)

The cable network enters the scripted game this Sunday with a witch drama starring Janet Montgomery, Shane West and Seth Gabel.
WGN America

Salem isn't afraid to go for it.

WGN America's first scripted series debuts in mere days and the full-length trailer has ups the creep factor. There's a desperation in the town of Salem to rid of any witchcraft or semblance of supernatural magic. Just in the first 10 seconds, you see a man publicly apologizing for his own "self-pollution" as he is whipped by the town seniors.

See, the town of Salem, Mass., is in "a witch panic" -- so much so that they recruit men to subdue a girl they believe to be under the spell of witchcraft. But what they haven't accounted for is that there are far worse things than witchcraft: a witch.

VIDEO: WGN America's Witch Drama 'Salem' Unveils Creepy First Trailer

"What if the witches were not the common folk?" proposes John Alden (Shane West). "What if the witches were those we've been entrusted to lead?"

Salem is not your parents' witch drama -- it's rated MA (mature audiences), for one thing. It doesn't shy away from the horror, intensity and danger that informs a life lived in a world that counts witches among them. There are images of townspeople being hanged, getting tortured and the sensuality surrounding dark magic.

Watch the trailer below.

Salem debuts Sunday at 10 p.m. on WGN America.

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