Samantha Bee Takes on Culture Wars Ahead of Midterm Elections, Calls Out GOP for Playing the "Victim"

Culture Wars- Episode 69 - October 17, 2018 Act 1 - Full Frontal on TBS-Screen shot-H 2018
Courtesy of Samantha Bee/TBS

Samantha Bee discussed "the terrifying culture wars" waged by the GOP ahead of the upcoming midterm elections on Wednesday's episode of Full Frontal.

"Republicans control all three branches of government," said Bee. "How do you play the victim when you've won everything there is to win? Well, they found a way: Telling people that Democrats will eat them."

Bee then shared Republican-sponsored advertisements that depict their Democratic competitors as sharks, terrorists and violent radicals. One advertisement concludes with the phrase, "The left is crazytown."

"Crazy Town? Creators of the 1999 rap/rock hit 'Butterfly'?" responded Bee as a photo of the band's singer appeared behind her. "I wish the left were Crazy Town.

"Republicans are still trying to use kneeling football players to keep the blame of outrage alive," continued Bee. "In fact, some of their ads feature some of the most disgusting imagery I could possibly imagine. I want to warn you that what you're about to see is extremely disturbing."

A clip of Ted Cruz introducing himself and stating, "I approve this message" then played. Bee recoiled in horror, exclaiming, "My vagina just turned into the Sahara," before showing the rest of the ad.  

The video continued with Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke stating that there is "nothing more American than to peacefully stand up or take a knee for your rights."  A voiceover from Cruz then explained that "liberal Hollywood was thrilled" with O'Rourke's message.

"Yes, the one thing white America fears most: Ellen," Bee said, in reference to a tweet featured in the ad by DeGeneres that praises O'Rourke. "Watch out America, because Ellen is going to dance on your fucking graves."

"Can we talk about how good the ad makes Beto look?" added Bee. "All he's saying is that Americans have the right to peacefully protest for their rights. That's the First Amendment — arguably the most American of all the Amendments. It's like if Ted Cruz ran an ad saying, 'There's nothing more American than Mom's apple pie. But did you know that Beto O'Rourke doesn't think you should butt chug that apple pie?'

"By the way, that's the weirdest example I could think of and somehow it's still so much less weird than Ted Cruz's other actual campaign ads, such as this song," said Bee. The country tune includes lyrics like, "Beto wants to open borders and he wants to take our guns. Not a chance on Earth he'll get a vote from millions of Texans."

Bee continued, "There's another scary group that's shooting up the charts. Women." A number of clips that feature news anchors speaking negatively about the female protestors during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings followed.

"I haven't felt this hated for being a woman since … literally, every day that I'm a woman. Stop making it sound like sexual assault survivors are this vastly powerful cabal. They are not. You know how I know that?" she asked as photos of Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh appeared behind her. "Because one of these people became a Supreme Court Justice and the other can't go back to her fucking home."

She then said that the right is painting liberal women as "a deadly bitch tornado." A number of conservative news outlets were featured referring to liberal women as "the mob."

"Just because people are protesting something doesn't make them a mob. They're just protestors," said Bee. "They're gonna rebrand Mahatma Gandhi as Mahatma 'The Killa' Gandhi.

"It's a little hard to take Republicans seriously on this. The only time I've ever seen an unhinged mob of Democrats is when NPR runs out of totes," she said. Bee added that Trump is responsible for the GOP being "the party of frenzied, radical mobs."

The host backed up her claims with a compilation of clips that feature Trump supporters getting rowdy at events. "It is tremendously ballsy for the slow-motion rage aneurysm that is the GOP to accuse the left of being a mob," she said. "They elected a president the way someone keys a car. At this point, their slogan should just be, 'AAAAHHHHHHH!"'

Bee then questioned whether the "culture wars bullshit" actually works. "The typical American voter is looking around and seeing that their wages are stagnating, their health care's in danger and their boss just bought another mega-yacht," she said. "I tend to think that's gonna matter more than a few loud pussy hats."

Watch the full segment below.