Samantha Bee Lambastes Trump's State of the Union: "My Ovaries Just Tried to Move Back to Canada"

The 'Full Frontal' host particularly focused on the president's call to abolish late-term abortions.
Myles Aronowitz/Turner Entertainment Networks

Samantha Bee took on Trump's "disturbing" State of the Union speech on Wednesday night's show, focusing particularly on the president's call to abolish late-term abortions.

"My ovaries just tried to move back to Canada," Bee joked of Trump's statement that he will be asking Congress to pass the legislation regarding fetuses "who can feel pain in the mother's womb."

The Full Frontal host noted that this policy goal was "worrying" because, though many recent Republican politicians have aimed to restrict abortion rights, "Trump might have the Supreme Court to do it" following the appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She added, "I always knew, someday, a Republican president would try to take away my right to choose, I just didn't think it would be the kind of president who's definitely tried to go dutch on an abortion."

Bee also noted the irony in Trump's claim that his budget will persuade politicians on both sides of the aisle to "eliminate the HIV epidemic in the United States" by 2030. The host noted that this was a "worthy" aim, but would be more realistic if Trump hadn't fired his HIV/AIDS advisory council, taken funds from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program to pay for immigration detention, ended a study looking for a cure for the disease and rolled back protections for LGBT Americans. She also said that the goal was rich coming from a man "who believes science is a Chinese hoax."

Bee also took shots at Ted Cruz ("who looked like a Civil War member who was not allowed back in the Union") and Jared Kushner ("You know those little fish that nibble off dead skin? Jared's one of those").

Bee cracked, of Trump's theme of "unity" in his speech, "Here's the part of the movie where the villain goes, 'You and I are not so different,'" excerpting a scene from the 2002 Spider-Man movie with Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin.

Watch the segment below.