Samantha Bee Laments Over Uncertain Election: "Our Long National Nightmare Is Still Going"

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee 1 - Publicity - H 2019

Amid the uncertain 2020 election results, late night host Samantha Bee shared her political commentary on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee on Wednesday evening.

Kicking off the show, Bee declared, "Welcome to who the hell knows what's going on," adding that "our long national nightmare is still going."

Bee went on to note that it's disappointing that it wasn't a "landslide" victory for Joe Biden, rattling off a list of reasons why Trump has not succeeded in his role as president including the worsening pandemic, human rights abuses at the border and record unemployment.

"Watching Trump announce he’s going to 'dismantle democracy' was the most disgusting thing I saw last night," said Bee.

While the show itself was preparing to celebrate during the episode, it also feared a "funeral of democracy." Amid the uncertain results, Bee noted that being in the unknown middle is a "bad place to be."

The comedian did acknowledge that there are some clear victories, such as Biden's projected win in Arizona. "In order to protect our democracy we must keep fighting to make sure every vote is counted."

As the country awaits the results, Bee said that America is "deep breaths into a paper bag." She went on to talk about the Calm meditation app, joking that people can use a Full Frontal code to download it.

She also praised the "record number" of voters of this year's election.

With things up in the air, Bee reflected on the 2016 election and how the TBS show feels more prepared this time. "We didn't remotely plan for a world where Trump would win," she said. "We were so naïve in 2016." She went on to explain that they had intended to drop 200 red, white and blue balloons once it was announced Hillary Clinton would win.

"The bubble has burst," she continued. "As of this morning, we still don’t now anything, but that's OK because this year we bought three possible endings to cover our bases."

As of this writing, Biden has a projected 264 electoral votes, while Trump has 214. As of the evening, battleground states Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina were undecided.

The Associated Press reported that neither Trump nor Biden had enough votes in the electoral college to secure a win.