Samantha Bee Recalls "Very Thirsty" Kellyanne Conway's Visits on 'The Daily Show'

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (May 24), Samantha Bee was reminded of her previous interviews with Kellyanne Conway.

Kimmel shared a clip of Bee interviewing Conway on an episode of The Daily Show well before she took on the role of counselor to president. In the clip, Bee asks Conway, “It’s like the Republican party is a shit sandwich. How do you get Americans to eat the sandwich?” Conway responded, “You dip it in chocolate and you say it has no calories.”

“I will say that our interactions were quite pleasant and lovely,” Bee said about Conway. The comedian added that Conway was on The Daily Show many times. “It got to a point where people were like, producers were like, ‘Ugh, should we call Kellyanne? She’ll say anything that we want her to.’”

“Even back then we had a sense that she was very thirsty,” said Bee. Kimmel stated that Conway appears to be the smartest member of the current administration, to which Bee agreed and called her “very canny.” 

This isn't the first time Bee recalled her past sit-downs with Conway. At a Paley Center panel in New York last fall with her Full Frontal colleagues, she said, "I definitely remember her showing up and saying, 'OK, what do you want me to say? I'll just say whatever.' She didn't care that much. I'm not saying it's so different now. It might be the MO."

When asked if talking about Trump all the time for Full Frontal is a plus or negative, Bee responded, “It’s an absolute minus across the board. It’s an absolute minus for the world, for the nation.” She concluded, “We make sour lemonade out of those lemons.”

The two also discussed Trump’s ability to be relevant in all situations: “He’s everywhere. All the time. Just omnipresent. Just like a fog,” said Bee.

Kimmel asked if Bee keeps in touch with Conway. “No, I would not say so,” she said. “I would not imagine that she recalls our time together.”

Bee was then applauded for her interviewing abilities. “I think I just wear people down,” Bee said of getting her interview subjects with opposing political views to open up to her. “I somehow wear people down to a nub and then they reveal themselves to me.”  She added that while she usually doesn’t face much hostility from interviewees, she was once chased by a man at the Republican Convention. “He was really old, though, so his top speed was my speed walk.”