Samantha Bee Looks at the #MeToo Movement Through the Lens of Female Animators

Samantha Bee - Getty - H 2018
Charley Gallay/Getty Images for TBS/Turner

During Wednesday night's episode of Full Frontal, host Samantha Bee gave her take on the #MeToo movement utilizing the perspectives of a group of female animators who share common stories of sexual harassment. 

Beginning the segment, Bee said, “The #MeToo movement has totally reshaped the media industry and those accused are taking time away to make amends for their actions,” adding, “Joke, they’re on TV yelling into Gayle King’s face!” in reference to R. Kelly’s interview with the CBS news anchor where he screamed as he fought back against sexual assault charges. 

Bee continued, “It is hard to keep talking about this shit. That’s why we asked some talented animators to draw it.” A clip was then shown featuring storyboard artists Megan Nicole Dong and Ashlyn Anstee, first talking about finding an ability to express themselves through animation, before considering their experience with sexual harassment in the workplace.

Striking a serious note, art director Paula Spence says in the clip, “I think #MeToo is waiting to happen in every industry if you look around.” At that point, words flash onto the screen: “This is a #MeToo story as told by a group of Fed-The-Fuck-up Female Animators.”

Against a backdrop of an animated story starring “nerdy cartoonist girls,” the women speak about breaking into the industry and experiencing sexual harassment from male colleagues, particularly Chris Savino, creator of The Loud House on Nickelodeon.

As the women speak about their experiences, they reference a statement given by Savino after the Animation Guild got involved and the women banded together to ensure Savino heard their accusations. "You shouldn't say, it wasn't your intention, because whether it was your intention or not, 15 women felt harassed by you," said Anstee. 

At a trial that occurred within the guild, one of the women said of Savino, "I was able to tell him, 'I wish I had never met you,' and that was something I thought I would never be able to do."

Another gave a metaphor to illustrate her experience, "That trial was me with my women army and there's this sword that's stuck in the ground, I'm trying to lift it but I can't, and then a bunch of hands come in to help." Following the accusations, which transpired in 2017, Savino was initially suspended for sexual harassment and later fired from Nickelodeon. 

Watch the full segment below.