Samantha Bee Tackles Conway Feud With 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Parody

Samantha Bee_KellyAnne Conway_Inset - Getty - H 2019
Alison Buck/Getty Images; Alex Wong/Getty Images

Samantha Bee used a portion of her Wednesday night Full Frontal show to tackle the public feuding of Kellyanne and George Conway, eventually using a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey to illustrate how the couple "tear each other down."

At the top of the segment, the comedian joked, "We all know Kellyanne Conway, she’s both the first woman to ever lead a presidential campaign to victory and an intrepid time traveler who must carry the burden that she alone prevented the Bowling Green massacre.” The late-night host went on to talk about George, describing him as "a Martin Short character" who has been publicly critical of Kellyanne’s boss Donald Trump, specifically declaring to The Washington Post that the president is “unfit for office.”

Bee emphasized that the Conway couple “make their disagreements public for everyone to see," continuing, "it’s hard to understand how a couple could tear each other down like that in public and still be happily married. Oh … they’re getting off on this, aren’t they?” she joked, launching into a short segment titled "Fifty Cons of Way."

The black-and-white video features Kellyanne and George in conflict with each other, juxtaposed with images similar to the sexual debauchery between characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the sexual thriller franchise. 

"The Twitter feuding doesn't put a kink in their relationship, it is their relationship," Bee said. "Here's how I think this works," added the host, "George tweets mean things about the president all day, Kellyanne has to go on TV and defend her boss against her own husband. They get madder and madder and the tension builds until they come home and get nasty, and sometimes Trump is a third in their cyber threesome, but he doesn't know it. Is this what they mean by the Devil's Triangle? I'm not going to look it up."

Bee continued to look at George's "complicated" history with the Trump administration, mentioning that when he didn't take a job in Trump's Department of Justice, the president called him a "husband from hell." She noted that since the election, George has made a "full-time job out of constantly replying to his wife's boss" on social media, to which Kellyanne has regularly defended Trump. 

"Kellyanne is defending Trump after he publicly attacked her husband — that's like a new level of psychological foreplay," Bee joked. 

Watch the full segment below.