Samuel L. Jackson's Olympic Tweets Continue With More Colorful Commentary

FILM: Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson (ICM, Anonymous, Jackoway Tyerman) is joining Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman in "RoboCop," MGM and Sony's remake of the violent 1987 sci-fi action movie.

Even as NBC continues to earn demerits for its tape-delayed coverage of the London games, Samuel L. Jackson is making it worthwhile to tune in -- even if you know the medal outcomes.

After all, how else will you be able to decipher -- and laugh along with -- the Twitter play-by-play of the Oscar nominee, who gives what is by far the most colorful commentary imaginable, especially when it comes to 140-character text messages?

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Here's a brief guide: Jackson is unabashedly pro-Team USA; he has great admiration for women athletes; he hates referees and judges; and he's not afraid to get competitive with fans and critics of his nuanced discussion.

Check out his commentary from Monday and Tuesday below, and then click over to re-live his long run of weekend play-by-play.

Just remember, some of these are NSFW due to language.