Samuel L. Jackson on His 'SNL' F-Bomb, Teaching His Daughter to Curse (Video)

The "Django Unchained" star told Jimmy Kimmel that Kenan Thompson was to blame for his half-expletive, saying, "I'm used to working with professionals who know their lines."

Samuel L. Jackson wants to make it clear: He only dropped half an f-bomb on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

During a guest appearance on SNL, Jackson was in a "What's Up With That?" sketch with Kenan Thompson when he was supposed to sound like he was saying the f-word. He was halfway through it, at which point Thompson was supposed to chime in and stop him, but that never happened.

VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson Possibly Drops the F-Bomb

"He was supposed to cut me off," Jackson said Tuesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "I'm used to working with professionals who know their lines, even the ones that are written on cue cards in front of you."

To be fair to Thompson, listening to Jackson curse is a true American pasttime; f-bombs are his trademark. And they're a family affair -- just ask his daughter, who apparently has adapted the prickly Jackson tongue.