'Santa Clarita Diet' Season 3 Trailer Suggests Timothy Olyphant's Character Could Also Become Undead

When Netflix revealed the release date for the third season of its zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet, viewers were treated to a clip of Drew Barrymore's undead realtor Sheila Hammond asking her husband and fellow realtor Joel (Timothy Olyphant) to spend the next 1,000 years with her.

And while viewers didn't get an answer, all Joel could seem to muster was a "wow"; the concept of the Hammonds spending eternity together takes center stage in the first full trailer for the upcoming batch of episodes.

Sheila is told that she's "immortal."

"So unless someone puts a spike through your head, you're going to live forever."

With this information, she proposes that Joel join her in eternal life, by letting her bite him and turn him undead, too.

Viewers later hear Joel express a reluctance to make that transition, over clips of what's to come in season three.

"It's not that I don't want to be with you," he says. "It's about what I might become. Once I make that decision I can never go back."

The trailer also offers a glimpse at the Hammonds possibly being pursued by the Knights of Serbia, something showrunner Victor Fresco hinted would be explored in the third season.

"We like the idea, and this is something we'll track into the third season, that there is this mysterious group out there, Knights of Serbia, who are the descendants of the original Knights of Serbia, all the way back 500 years ago, that are tasked with finding the undead, killing them and stopping an outbreak," Fresco told The Hollywood Reporter shortly after the launch of season two last year. "We like the idea that there are other people out there —  not the government — that are looking into this, and it's a threat to Sheila and obviously to Joel also, so we'll track that story into season three."

It remains to be seen exactly which familiar faces from the series' first two seasons will be joining the Hammonds, including daughter Abby (Liv Hewson), and neighbor Eric Bemis (Skyler Gisondo) in season three as three of the show's main guest stars (Natalie Morales, Nathan Fillion, Zachary Knighton) all have other series and weren't seen in the trailer.

The trailer also suggests that season three will continue the show's timely exploration of social issues, with Sheila continuing her Nazi pursuit and a sign for a "men's rights rally" popping up in the background of one scene.

Season three of the Santa Clarita Diet starts streaming March 29.