Sarah Jessica Parker, Jimmy Fallon Perform Mad Lib Theater

Sarah Jessica Parker showcased her quirkiness during her Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as she played a game of Mad Libs with the late-night host.  

“This is going to be a real test of my education,” the actress joked prior to starting. While answering the questions, Parker offered comical responses, including, “I should’ve washed my hair” as her reaction to a surprise party, “52 or nipples grew” as a number and “Dagnabbit” as a reaction to staining her expensive shirt.

Parker and Fallon then proceeded to act out Parker’s Mad Libs, pretending they were on a dinner date as Popeye and Pinto, names given in the actress’ answers. Following her answers, Parker joked that she left Greece and “moved to Bob’s Big Boy.”

“That’s where my Grandma Auntie Pete Seeger lives,” Fallon replied. “I should’ve washed my hair,” Parker in response, though unable to refrain from laughing. Offering the dramatics to their date, Fallon’s Pinto used Parker’s Mad Libs answers to reveal a deep secret.  

“I live with 52 untrustworthy Rhinos,” the late-night host joked, leaving Parker to reply “Aw, dagnabbit!”