Sarah Palin Reveals Details of Sacha Baron Cohen Showtime Interview

The former Republican vice presidential candidate said the comedian "duped" her into a "sick" interview for his upcoming Showtime series, 'Who Is America?'
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Sarah Palin and Sacha Baron Cohen

Sarah Palin is continuing to speak out against Sacha Baron Cohen.

Days after claiming the comedian "duped" her into a "sick" interview for his upcoming Showtime series, Who Is America? — and a Twitter rebuttal from Cohen's purported character, Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. — the former governor of Alaska addressed their feud on Friday's broadcast of Good Morning America.

"It was proposed to me as a legitimate interview to speak about veterans’ issues in our military and current events to a new audience," Palin told GMA's Robin Roberts, echoing statements she made earlier this week on Facebook. "It was supposed to be this big time Showtime documentary and it was passed on to me by a speakers’ bureau, which, you know, I would assume had done some vetting."

She added: "This 'comedian' is obviously very good at lying, at duping people, because look at the long list now, since I've come out and described my experience. All these other guys, all these men coming out now saying, 'Oh yeah, me too.'"

Roberts then asked Palin to recall the moment she knew Cohen's interview was a joke.

"Yeah, he started showing me these graphs and statistics that had typos in them and that just didn't quite look right," she said. "Part of this propaganda, this data, that he was showing me had something to do with sex changes and transgenderism."

Palin claimed that Cohen then brought up former first daughter Chelsea Clinton. "[He] said that she was a recipient of a government-funded sex change," Palin said. "It just got worse and worse and worse as the minutes went on in this bizarre, really embarrassing, humiliating interview."

That's when, according to Palin, she said, "Enough is enough." She said she then took her mic off and left the set with one of her daughters, who accompanied her to the interview.

"Since then, nobody returns my calls. They had given us fake names [of] producers and anybody involved in the show," Palin continued, adding that "nobody's taken me up" on her challenge to Showtime, CBS and Cohen to donate the proceeds from the show to organizations that support U.S. veterans.

Palin, in a Monday Facebook post, claimed that Cohen portrayed himself as a wounded U.S. veteran. But, on Thursday, Cohen's apparent Who Is America? persona tweeted, "I did NOT say I was a War Vet. I was in the service — not military, but United Parcel…"

Palin — a staunch supporter of the military and whose 29-year-old son, Track, served in the army — responded to Ruddick's Twitter statement in a Facebook post.

"Another list of unfunny lies," she wrote. "[It's] a pathetic attempt to punk not just my daughter and me again, but now the public. Thank God people are wise to Hollywood's BS & said, 'Enough.'"

Palin believes the intent of Cohen's interview was to "mock middle-class Americans."

"It mocked our values," she said on GMA. "It mocked the disabled… It was occurring to me that whatever this show is, whatever this interview really is, it is all about humiliation and devaluing middle-class Americans who I represent."

Palin isn't the only notable figure to be wrapped up in Cohen's prank storm. Failed GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore claims to be a victim and is threatening legal action. One-term U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh, conservative radio host Austin Rhodes, former Arizona law enforcement officer Joe Arpaio and longtime journalist Ted Koppel have also said they were tricked into interviews with Cohen. Former vice president, Dick Cheney, who has yet to publicly acknowledge his time with Cohen, is featured in a teaser for Who Is America?

On Thursday, Koppel spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his experience with Cohen. Despite being deceived, the veteran news personality took the episode in stride. "Everybody loves seeing well known people get duped," he admitted. "I relish it too, when it's done well." 

Showtime had no comment when contacted by THR. Watch Palin's appearance on GMA below. 

Who Is America? premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.