Sarah Palin Guest Hosts 'Today' Show, Slams 'Socialist' Obama in Interview with Matt Lauer (Video)

The former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential nominee was sly and spirited during her special appearance, especially when dealing with host Matt Lauer.
Peter Kramer/NBC

In the hour ahead of Sarah Palin's guest hosting appearance on the Today Show, Matt Lauer told her that for the brief time that she was anchoring the NBC morning program, she would be a part of the "lame stream media" that she has so long decried. But even though she had entered that unfamiliar world, just as she has done throughout her public career, the conservative star did things her own way.

Palin first appeared on the show in the 7 a.m. EST hour in an interview with Lauer, discussing the presidential election. She was clearly unenthusiastic about the prospects of Mitt Romney taking the Republican nomination for president, but continually insisted that, in the end, she preferred "anyone but Obama."

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Lauer pressed her on an apparent lack of excitement for Romney, but Palin insisted that the party would be able to coalesce around the eventual GOP nominee, calling out Obama once again for "socialist policies."

Following the interview, the show peeked into Lauer's dressing room, which Palin had commandeered for her own preparations. Lauer cracked that he hadn't given Palin permission to use his space, while Palin hit back with a crack about Lauer's hair, or lack thereof.

By 8 a.m., things became more amiable. Fans cheered as she stood with the show's permanent hosts; Al Roker highlighted Anchorage, Alaska, in the weather report. After a commercial break, the crew began speaking about Oprah Winfrey's struggling OWN network, which was addressed during Winfrey's interview on CBS on Monday morning.

Palin gave her credit for being bold and trying something risky, even if it isn't working so well at the moment. But she did say that the network needed some conservatives hosting shows.

The discussion then turned to Jessica Simpson's pregnancy weight gain; Palin said that, if she had been criticized for gaining so much weight while with child, she'd have punched the offender in the neck. She also said that Hollywood's depiction of slender women creates an unrealistic body ideal. 

She also disapproved of a Facebook application that lets people create hate graphs -- and, speaking of, didn't watch Game Change, the HBO film in which she was portrayed by Julianne Moore. She did allow, however, that "Tina Fey has been pretty clever," with her more comedic impersonation.

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