Sarah Palin, Jimmy Fallon Mock Vladimir Putin (Video)

Jimmy Fallon Sarah Palin - H 2014

Jimmy Fallon once again rolled out his impersonation of Vladimir Putin Wednesday, this time with a little help.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stopped by The Tonight Show for a phone call with Fallon's Putin, joking that while the Russian president may have experience wrestling bears, he had no shot against a "mama Grizzly." The kicker? The pair jammed together on Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel also welcomed a major political player. When President Bill Clinton took to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! hot seat, Kimmel asked the vegan ex-president: "What do you miss more, being president or cheese?"

"I like being president more than cheese," Clinton deadpanned. "I loved doing the job, [but] you can't spend your whole life wishing you can do something you can't do anymore."

On The Daily Show, Samuel L. Jackson recalled shooting on a green screen for the Star Wars prequels, saying George Lucas told him: "Kick all the ass you want, and we'll make it look like your the baddest motherf---er in the universe."

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What were your favorite late night TV moments from Wednesday?