Sarah Palin, Jimmy Fallon Mock Vladimir Putin (Video)

The former Alaska governor appears on the "Tonight Show" to play Pharrell's happy on flute.

Jimmy Fallon once again rolled out his impersonation of Vladimir Putin Wednesday, this time with a little help.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stopped by The Tonight Show for a phone call with Fallon's Putin, joking that while the Russian president may have experience wrestling bears, he had no shot against a "mama Grizzly." The kicker? The pair jammed together on Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel also welcomed a major political player. When President Bill Clinton took to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! hot seat, Kimmel asked the vegan ex-president: "What do you miss more, being president or cheese?"

"I like being president more than cheese," Clinton deadpanned. "I loved doing the job, [but] you can't spend your whole life wishing you can do something you can't do anymore."

On The Daily Show, Samuel L. Jackson recalled shooting on a green screen for the Star Wars prequels, saying George Lucas told him: "Kick all the ass you want, and we'll make it look like your the baddest motherf---er in the universe."

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What were your favorite late night TV moments from Wednesday?