Sarah Palin Wants to Reach Women With New Show, Invites TV Critics to Alaska

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Now that she's a media personality in addition to being in the political game, Sarah Palin no longer has to dress in particularly dignified clothes. Nor does she have to pay for them, apparently.

Sarah Palin held court at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Friday morning, marking her first official appearance at the event where she once turned heads when she stopped by a 2012 NBC mixer.

The former Alaska governor, most recently in the headlines for her defense of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, is on the promotional trail for her latest bid for a TV gig that sticks: the Sportsman Channel's upcoming Amazing America With Sarah Palin. The unscripted anthology will explore the lives of outdoors-loving Americans, much like the Palins themselves.

STORY: Sarah Palin Heads to Sportsman Channel With New Series

"You know how much I love critics and the media," said Palin. "So a room full of television critics, I can't beat this combination for pleasure."

Lifted by her star-spangled pumps, Palin did seem genuinely pleased to speak with the crowd -- so much so, she offered to host the entire room should anyone make the trip up to her noncontinuous home state.

"I want you to come up there," she said. "That is the way that you can connect. So much of Alaska is what America used to be with a pioneering spirit. ... What our show is going to do is highlight the people, places and things that embody that American experience."

(Snowmobiling and "moose chili in the crock pot" are both on the itinerary for anyone willing to make the trek.)

Though the Sportsman Channel naturally skews male, Palin did say she was very interested in reaching female viewers with the show, who she said she thinks are underrepresented in sporting content.

"I think this world would be better off having more young women holding a fish in a picture than holding their camera in front of a bathroom mirror, talking a selfie," she said.

Palin wrapped her speech with what seemed to be a dig at her 2010 TLC reality series, Sarah Palin's Alaska. "I'm more excited about this project than many of the other projects I've done in the past," she said, receiving a round of laughter.