Sarah Silverman Dresses As Hitler on 'Conan,' Jokes Donald Trump Comparisons

Sarah Silverman as Hitler

Donald Trump has recently been compared to Adolf Hitler, and the late leader of the Nazi party isn't enthused — well, Sarah Silverman dressed as the German dictator, that is.

On Thursday's episode of Conan, the comedian donned a Nazi uniform — complete with a fake Hitler mustache — to make light of the comparisons between the two public figures made by both celebrities and the media, including Louis C.K. and the NY Daily News (it splashed "Trump Is Hitler" on a recent cover).

"Wow, look at that! I have to say, that's more applause than I expected," Silverman said to the audience as she took a seat next to Conan O'Brien. 

"Don't get me wrong, Conan. I agree with a lot he says — a lot. Like 90 percent of what he says, I'm like, 'this guy gets it," Silverman said about Trump. "But I don't like the way he says it. It's crass."

O'Brien quipped back, "Trump is very, very crass."

In reference to a recent GOP debate when Trump took time at his podium to allude to the size of his privates, Silverman questioned the host and audience, "What kind of person talks about his penis size on national television? Oh yeah, I'm so sure Donald Trump has a big penis. I famously have a micro penis." She continued, "That's what makes a tyrant."

"Anyway, all these comparisons to Trump, it's like, it bums me out. You know what I mean? Sometimes I watch him and I'm like, 'Is that how people see me?'" she questioned.

Silverman capped off the comedic conversation with, "I have to be honest. Trump, he's starting to make me rethink some of the things I've done," before joking, "Ah, who am I kidding? I've gotta be me!"

Watch the interview below.