'SNL' Recap: Anne Hathaway Mocks 'Homeland'; Mitt Romney Boozes on Election Night (Video)

SNL Skit Mitt Romney on Balcony Screengrab - H 2012

SNL Skit Mitt Romney on Balcony Screengrab - H 2012

Saturday Night Live wrapped election season in a satisfying way this week and featured some lively celebrity impersonations from host Anne Hathaway.

While the previous episode surprised some viewers by not featuring Jay Pharoah’s President Obama (a sketch with him was cut), Saturday's featured appearances by both candidates and what could be the final bow for Mitt Romney.

First, a depressed Romney (Jason Sudeikis) appears guzzling milk as if it were beer on his balcony. It seems no amount of cheering up from his wife, Anne, or his identical sons (all played by Taran Killam) can relieve the defeated candidate of his sadness. Tag Romney even threatens to “punch America in the face,” but his father won’t have it.

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The charm of Sudeikis’ Romney is his utter disconnect from the common man, thanks to his 1950’s values and large wealth. That continues here as he says he’d like to visit a mayonnaise factory now that he’s done with the race. (What?)

For good measure, there are jokes about Donald Trump and fitness nut Paul Ryan doing feats of strength. Romney even gets to throw republican strategist Karl Rove (who, as in real life, claims Romney can still win Ohio) over the balcony.

Later, a smug Obama appears on Weekend Update to revel in his victory. The Republicans couldn’t defeat him despite eight percent unemployment, $5 gas, and “being black.” He added that with no re-election looming over his head, he’ll go legislatively wild in the next four years.

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And for white males who think they can stop Obama from instituting comprehensive immigration reform, he observes that white men are shrinking as a percentage of the population.

“Meanwhile, a Hispanic, gay woman is born every eight seconds.”

Hathaway, predictably, performed a song related to her upcoming musical film, Les Misérables, during her opening monologue. But in a twist, she was just a reluctant participant in the musical number, which saw the entire cast sing about their day off, Sunday.

Hathaway finally got into the mood near the end, singing “What a show I could have done if they let me play Stefan.”

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Stefan aside, the show did let Hathaway sink her teeth into two actresses, first Claire Danes with a Homeland sketch and later Katie Holmes on Ellen.

In SNL’s version of the Showtime hit, CIA operative Carrie Mathison is portrayed as histrionic, obsessed with cork boards, and completely unsuitable for her high pressure job. It begs the question, why is she constantly being given access to high-level terror suspects?

“She’s let me down every time. So give me one good reason why I shouldn’t trust her this time,” her boss asks.

On Ellen, Hathaway reprises her Holmes impression, which she also did on SNL in 2010, causing the tabloids to erupt with speculation that Holmes and then-husband Tom Cruise were furious with her.

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Hathaway keeps it short, with the most notable dig coming when she says she’d invented a new disguise so the paparazzi can't recognize her—essentially smiling in a more normal way. But the bulk of the sketch is focused on Ellen DeGeneres' dancing, which the show mocks as gimmicky.

SNL is new next week with host Jeremy Renner and musical guest Maroon 5.