Watch Cameron Diaz Mock 'Annie' on 'SNL'

Cameron Diaz SNL Still Annie - H 2014

Cameron Diaz appeared in a very different version of Annie while hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

In the sketch, the actress portrayed Miss Hannigan, her character in the upcoming film version, as she awaited the arrival of Daddy Warbucks. 

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When Warbucks (Jay Pharoah) showed up, he wasn't interested in meeting Annie (Vanessa Bayer). "No, no, no, no, no — I want the black Annie," he said.

This meant the introduction of Black Annie (Leslie Jones), a 40-something woman who could palm a pumpkin because, as she explained, "I got some bigass hands." She added that she assumes her parents were Wyclef Jean and, given her curly red hair, Bonnie Raitt

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"I got three kids that you're probably going to have to adopt, too," Black Annie informed Warbucks, leading him to sing a version of Jamie Foxx's part in "Gold Digger."

The sketch ended with the cast singing Ram Jam's "Black Betty," but substituting the name "Annie" into the lyrics.

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