'Saturday Night Live': Charlie Day Helps Skewer the Kardashians, Gaddafi and Justin Bieber (Video)

Saturday Night Live Charlie Day Episodic 2011

When Muammar Gaddafi was killed on Oct. 20, plenty of pundits lamented the fact that Saturday Night Live was off that week.

Cast member Fred Armisen's impersonation of the Libyan dictator is among his most memorable characters on the show, so it's little surprise they opened the Nov. 5 outing with Armisen addressing the audience as Gadaffi's ghost.

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"As you might have guessed, I'm in hell now," he said, "which you can see looks pretty much like Libya."

He seemed to lose the crowd a bit with that one, prompting more awkward groans than laughs, but Armisen needed to give Gaddafi his swan song.

Host Charlie Day was joined onstage during his monologue by It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-star Danny Devito. He encouraged Day to give the most to his first turn on the show, which Day took as a cue to sing a song, the regrettably brief "Charlie Day Day."

Getting the biggest news items of the last few weeks out of the way early in the broadcast, the episode then submitted the obligatory Kim Kardashian divorce spoof.

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Billed as an E! special event, Kim's Fairytale Divorce, included the following rather fantastic moments:

- Kristen Wiig as a frenzied, camera-hogging Kris Jenner

- Kris Humphries being referred to as Kim's "husband of three episodes."

- Taran Killam going through his incredibly small catalog of Bruce Jenner facial expressions

- Earth Wind and Fire performing at their divorce reception

- Upcoming Kardashian spin-off Brody Jenner, Khloe & Kris Take Vitamins

Nasim Pedrad, as Kim, also added this bit of levity to the news of her failed marriage: "Things are looking up for me. I'm single, and there's a NBA lock-out."

And, never one to be left out, Justin Bieber earned a special nod during Weekend Update. When Seth Meyers brought up the current paternity scandal marring the publicity tour for the 17-year-old singer's Christmas album, the fake anchor pointed out that "a lot of babies look like Justin Bieber."

The aforementioned, in video: