'SNL' Cold Open Mocks Ebola's Spread to NYC

Good luck getting that mental image of Al Sharpton in short shorts out of your head
Kenan Thompson as Al Sharpton

According to Saturday Night Live's cold open, certain Americans have nothing to worry about amid the Ebola scare. 

In the sketch, Obama addressed Ebola's recent spread into NYC, pointing out that some pundits have criticized how his administration has handled the situation. 

"This whole Ebola thing's probably one of my greatest accomplishments," Jay Pharoah said as President Obama, pointing out the litany of other tough moments of his tenure.

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Obama then introduced Ron Klain as his new Ebola czar, who was criticized by the press in the sketch for not having enough experience.

Soon, Kenan Thompson appeared as Al Sharpton, who was surprisingly chipper about things. "Even the tiniest particles cannot get past this mustache," Sharpton said.

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Plus, it's not like there aren't plenty of diseases already floating through NYC. "I once got the clap by wearing short shorts through the port authority," Sharpton added.

Host Jim Carrey did not appear in the sketch. 

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