Alec Baldwin's Trump Declares Impeachment "Nonsense" in 'SNL' Cold Open

The Nov. 23 episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live tackled the Trump impeachment hearings in its cold open, with Alec Baldwin reprising his impression of President Donald Trump. Dressed in his signature suit and red tie, Baldwin's Trump prepared to address reporters.

"You probably have a lot of questions about the impeachment nonsense," he said at the top of the sketch. "I'd love to answer every single one of them, but as you can see from this very loud helicopter behind me, I'm in a big hurry." He proceeded to give a rushed press conference to journalists who were specifically interested in his relationship with Gordon Sondland, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union.

When asked about his dealings with Ukraine, he suddenly became even more distracted by the sound of the helicopter. Baldwin's Trump then declared to the reporters — played by SNL castmembers including Mikey Day and Cecily Strong — “It sounds like you said Sondland’s testimony completely exonerated me."

“No quid pro quo, bro,” he said, alluding to the speech notes that were written for Trump about Sondland and Ukraine earlier this week.

Later in the sketch, the reporters pressed Trump to reveal how well he knows Sondland. "Well, I know him, but I don't really know him know him," Baldwin's Trump replied. While hosts don’t usually appear in cold open sketches, Will Ferrell appeared near the end as Sondland and the two characters pretended to meet for the first time.

It was the first time Baldwin appeared as Trump since the season premiere.