'Saturday Night Live' Host Daniel Radcliffe Tackles 'Harry Potter,' Casey Anthony and Ricky Gervais

Daniel Radcliffe, Saturday Night Live H 2012

Danielle Radcliffe has been hiding an impressive American accent. Who knew?

Likely anyone who saw him in Broadway's How to Succeed in Business, but the general populace finally got a taste during his hosting debut on this week's Saturday Night Live.

The Harry Potter star, promoting his new film The Woman in Black, made his first appearance on the show in his decade-long career. And while the show mocked Casey Anthony, Ricky Gervais and Radcliffe's Hogwarts roots, the actor showed a strong presence in nearly all sketches.

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After the monologue -- complete with the first Potter references and Bobby Moynihan's Snooki -- NBC took aim at its own broadcast of the Golden Globes by lampooning the HFPA's decision to bring back Ricky Gervais again.

"He didn't just break the rules," said the voice over, "He rewrote them. And then he burned them."

Up next for Gervais, apparently? The Kid's Choice Awards, the Westminster Dog Show, the Philadelphia Flower Show and the BET Music Awards.

The night's likely highlight came next, with the revival of Kristen Wiig's long-absent Target Lady. She was joined by Radcliffe, as an amorous -- and shirtless -- coworker trying to ask her out on a date to see Tin-Tin. Because she needed to make up for lost time, Wiig speaks of her affection for Beyonce's Single Ladies and Sarah Mclachlan's ASPCA commercial.

Several man-on-man kisses with homeless spin-the-bottle participants and one Jersey Boys spoof ("Delaware Fellas") later, Radcliffe finally lands on Potter.

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He's seen at Hogwarts in 2020, unable to let go of his glory days. It's funny, but if this is fans' last glimpse of Radcliffe in those robes, it will be an awful shame.

The night's oddest moment came during Weekend Update -- and not just because it marked the second dated reference to Mclachlan's "wet dog" ads in just a half hour. News of Casey Anthony's recent pet adoption prompted Seth Meyers to interview her new Yorkshire Terrier, played to Wilfred-esque success by Radcliffe in dog drag.

After testing the lines of slander, Radcliffe finally broke when Meyers went to pat him on the head. He recoiled with a perfectly timed, "What are you doing? I'm living on a razor's edge!"

It makes you wonder why it's taken him so long to get on the show.