'Saturday Night Live': Emma Stone, Coldplay, Penn St. and the Devil (Video)

Emma Stone SNL Screengrab 111311 - H

The Help star Emma Stone hosted Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live, proving that she has no problem playing frumpy or stupid.

In the skit "Bridal Shower Gifts," Stone took her voice down a register to play Wallace, the co-worker of a bride-to-be played by Kristen Wiig. Wallace acts inappropriately at the party, giving the guest of honor anal lubricant as a present and springing for a "human toilet" as live entertainment. Wallace also brings cocaine as party favors and beats down a pair of strippers dressed as police officers because she's afraid of being busted with the drugs.

Wiig and Stone were also featured together in "Secret Word," a sketch in which they're the celebrity contestants with a Password-like game. Wiig plays a self-obsessed off-Broadway actress and Stone is a Miss America winner from the state of Georgia with an unnatural attachment to her dummy.

One of the show's Weekend Updates segments featured Jason Sudeikis as the Devil so upset over the child-sex abuse scandal at Penn St. that he declares "I'm the prince of darkness but I'm not a monster." He continues on to say he feels bad for the team's coach, Joe Paterno, for "having evil in his midst and not even knowing it." Once informed by Seth Meyers that Paterno knew of assistant coach Jerry Sandusky's alleged abuse of boys, the Devil screams, "Noooooo! Come on Jo Pa a cover-up?! This is college football not the Catholic Church."

The segment took a swipe at Ashton Kutcher as well: when asked why he hadn't gotten his facts straight about the Penn St. scandal, the Devil says he gets his news from Kutcher's Twitter feed -- the same feed that came under this fire after the actor wrote to his 8.3 million followers, "How do you fire Jo Pa?  #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste."

Coldplay was the evening's musical guests and played the song "Paradise" off of the band's latest album Mylo Xyloto. Frontman Chris Martin also donned a blonde wig and tacky vest to take part in a Weekend Update segment featuring Fred Armisen and Wiig as the characters Garth and Kat. He played the duo's backup singer.