'Saturday Night Live': First Time Host Timothee Chalamet Celebrates New York City

Timothee Chalamet made his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live on Dec. 12. In his monologue, the actor touched on growing up in New York and shared that his mother used to do background work on the show. His mom was also in the limited audience at studio 8H.

"I’ll always be a New York City kid at heart, especially at Christmas," he said before sitting down at the piano. "New York, the city so nice, they named it New York!" he said after sharing fake memories of holidays in the city like sledding off the Chrysler building. Pete Davidson joined him at the piano to share his memories of Staten Island Christmases. "We don’t leave Santa cookies," he said. "We leave him Bud Light and a White Claw." Holiday sketches dominated the episode.

In a sketch called "A Rona Family Christmas," Cecily Strong and Beck Bennett played anthropomorphized versions of the virus, and Chalamet played their screwup son who hadn’t infected anyone. Chloe Fineman and Bowen Yang played herpes viruses. "We have so much to be grateful for this Christmas," Strong said. "Just last year we were just a glimmer in the eye of a bat."

In a Lexus commercial parody, Heidi Gardner played a wife cursing out her husband played by Bennett for buying a car he couldn’t afford without asking her first.

Chalamet showed off several skills in the episode, including impressions and vocals. He sang about a tiny horse in a musical sketch.

During Weekend Update, McKinnon brought back her character Dr. Weknowdis, donning reindeer antlers and commenting on the Pfizer vaccine. Melissa Villaseñor also dropped by the desk dressed as Dolly Parton and did a musical impression of the country legend. She sang “Jingle Bells” as “Jolene.”

In a holiday baking special parody, contestants shared various baking disasters. Chalamet played a contestant who set out to make a cake of Santas from around the world. His final product turned out vulgar.

Questlove made a cameo in a sketch in which Davidson and Chalamet played a pair of white rappers who didn’t make sense and said they were influenced by the Kia commercial hamsters.

The episode closed out with a sketch spoofing a sports talk show in which Chalamet and Davidson played Jets fanatics. Chalamet and Davidson proved to be quite the dynamic duo during the episode.

Chalamet wore a Legendary Entertainment branded hoodie at the end of the show, leading some to wonder if the actor was sending a message on behalf of the production company to WarnerMedia for its decision to send the big-budget sci-fi movie Dune to HBO Max on the same day it releases in theaters. The film is one of 17 films in Warner's 2021 slate that are receiving the same type of release; a response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic impacting movie theaters.