'Saturday Night Live': Jon Lovitz, Adam Driver Cameo in Trump Impeachment Cold Open

Saturday Night Live’s first episode of 2020 tackled President Trump’s impeachment proceedings in its cold open.

Cecily Strong, playing Senator Susan Collins, and Beck Bennett, playing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, opened the sketch discussing the ongoing proceedings. Bennett’s McConnell said he hoped they could return to focusing on the real villains in the country: "teenagers who try marijuana."

Alec Baldwin did not show up as Trump, but Jon Lovitz made a surprise cameo as Trump defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Midway through the sketch, Lovitz’s Dershowitz had a heart attack and was transported to hell, where the devil was played by Kate McKinnon.

"Is there anyone you wouldn’t represent?" McKinnon’s Devil asked.

The evening’s host Adam Driver also showed up in the cold open as Jeffrey Epstein. When asked by Dershowitz what he was doing there, Driver's Epstein responded, "Just hanging."

Others residing in hell included Bowen Yang, who said he was the guy who wrote "Baby Shark," Heidi Gardner playing Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials, and Mr. Peanut, who was "killed off" this week by Planters.

"I took out a lot of first graders with peanut allergies," Mr. Peanut explained as his reason for being down below.

Alex Moffat also popped up as Mark Zuckerberg, explaining he was just stopping by as hell’s IT guy.