'SNL' Mocks Super Bowl Blackout in Cold Open (Video)

Kenan Thompson SNL Cold Open - H 2013

No matter how uncomfortable the CBS Sports team may have felt during the Super Bowl’s 30-minute blackout, it pales in comparison to the awkwardness their Saturday Night Live parodies exuded during the show’s cold open.

James Brown (Kenan Thompson) tries his best to keep the conversation rolling, but soon finds his colleagues have exhausted their analysis of the blackout.

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“As I’ve said seven times in the past fifteen minutes, I can see it having advantages for both sides,” opines retired N.F.L. coach Bill Cowher (Tim Robinson).

After more time passes and more obvious comments are spoken, Shannon Sharpe (Jay Pharoah) loses it, imagining what he would be thinking if he were on the field:

“I start to think, who on this team are we going to eat first? The obvious choice is the punter, because he’s easiest to catch,” Sharpe says. “But then if you need a punter later in the game you don’t have one, because you ate him.”

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Soon Brown brings up Dan Marino’s (Jason Sudeikis) recently revealed extramarital affair, which brings out more revelations, including Sharpe saying that Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis (in real life, once indicted in the death of two men) was a murderer. Sharpe decides to exit the stadium before Lewis finishes the game.