'SNL': Mitt Romney Mopes During Election Night Cold Open (Video)

SNL Jason Sudeikis Mitt Romney

Jason Sudeikis gave what may be his swan song as Mitt Romney in the cold open of this week’s Saturday Night Live.

Set at the Romney residence on election night, the GOP presidential candidate is seen drowning the pain of defeat in carton after carton of milk.

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One by one, his nerdy sons (all played by Taran Killam) come outside to cajole their father out of his sadness, one accusing him of "drinking" and smelling like a dairy farm. Another tells him Donald Trump is inside doing something “hilarious” (being racist), while another says Paul Ryan is performing feats of strength and that it’s something Romney might want to see.

“I’d like to see him carry Wisconsin” Romney yells.

Finally, Ann Romney is able to cheer up her husband, and they share a chaste kiss.

“What has gotten into you?” she asks, as if he’d done something rather kinky.

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“Milk. About ten gallons of it,” he says.

A heart appears around the couple, and it seems everything will be OK. If this is indeed the last time we see Romney on SNL, it's a fitting sendoff.

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