'Saturday Night Live' Mocks Missing Kim Jong-Un

SNL Cold Open Oct 11 - 2014

Where in the world is Kim Jong-un?

The North Korean leader has been missing, and Saturday Night Live tackled some of the rumors — with Bobby Moynihan playing the dictator. 

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So what's kept him out of sight? Gout? Broken ankles? Moynihan tackled a few of the likely excuses, brought up to him by his military guard and nurse. 

"I told you, I broke my ankle while dunking over Michael Jordan," he said. "The movie Space Jam is about me."

He also rebuffed the suggestion that he was out of touch.

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"How could I be out of touch when I have the same haircut as Brad Pitt in the movie Fury?"

Touche, dear leader. Touche.

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