'Saturday Night Live' Skewers the "White Male Rage" of Oscar-Nominated Films

Melissa Villaseñor dropped by the Weekend Update desk on Saturday Night Live to sing her "original Oscars songs."

The catch with every tune, though, was Villaseñor noticing that several of the year's nominated films featured "white male rage."

She first poked fun at Joker, initially providing a summary of the film in her song and touching on visual highlights of the movie, such as Arthur Fleck dancing down a flight of city steps. She then segued into what the Todd Phillips film was truly focused on — not the Joker or even Batman, but "white male rage, white male range, white male rage," as she sang.

Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost joked that he watches the movie every time he works out.

Villaseñor gave the same treatment to The Irishman, and soon called out other nominated films while also mentioning the snub of Greta Gerwig in the directing category.

The reason Gerwig wasn't nominated for Little Women was, yet again, due to white male rage.