'Saturday Night Live' Skit Becomes Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

The Schweddy Balls vanilla ice cream -- based on a skit starring Alec Baldwin -- is "loaded with fudge-covered rum and malt balls."
Martin Bureau/Getty Images

Ready to taste Alec Baldwin's Schweddy Balls?

The famous Saturday Night Live skit has inspired a new ice cream flavor from Ben & Jerry's.

The company said Wednesday that it's introducing a new vanilla ice cream "with a hint of rum" and "loaded with fudge-covered rum and malt balls."

The name comes from the skit that features Baldwin, a regular host on the show, along with former castmembers Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer.

"The name is irreverent," Ben & Jerry's spokesman Sean Greenwood told Time magazine. "But we've always been about having some irreverence and having some fun ... We're not trying to offend people. Our fans get the humor."

In the skit, Baldwin plays Pete Schweddy, seller of baked goods who notes how popular his "balls" -- popcorn balls, rum balls, etc. -- are with customers at the holidays.

"No one can resist my Schweddy Balls," he says.

In a press release quoted by Time, Baldwin said of the new Ben & Jerry's flavor:  "For a long time, I thought that ‘Here Lies Pete Schweddy' would end up on my tombstone. Now, thanks to Ben & Jerry's, the goodness of the Schweddy family recipe won't go with me to the great beyond. It is immortalized here, right now, and it's an ice cream. Ben & Jerry's and Schweddy. Two great names in American dessert, together at last.”