'Scandal': The 12 Biggest Reveals From the Season's Sexiest Episode

Who's hooking up? Who got caught? Who got a punch to the face? The drama heats up as the season inches closer to its conclusion.
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"Scandal's" Joe Morton (Rowan)

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from episode 315, "Mama Said Knock You Out," of ABC's Scandal.]

With five episodes remaining in its third season, the presidential re-election campaign heated up as the Grant family prepared for a high-profile interview following the most awkward reunion ever, and the personal and political drama heated up. Meanwhile, OPA diligently worked to bring down B613.

Here are the 12 biggest reveals from the episode.

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1. Mellie and Fitz's son, Jerry, ran an anti-Grant Twitter account and politically sides with Gov. Reston.

2. Olivia catches Andrew and Mellie after a tryst. Also catching the duo in the act is the first lady's daughter, Karen.

3. Karen, who previously blamed her father for the crappy state of her parents' marriage, breaks the news to Fitz that Mellie is sleeping with "Uncle Andrew."

4. Fitz punches Andrew in the face, giving him a black eye before Olivia sends him out on the campaign trail with the "tennis injury" cover story.

5. Andrew has no fear of Olivia, who warned the vice presidential candidate to stay away from the first lady. "Glass houses, Olivia," Andrew tells her.

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6. David is working with OPA to bring down B613. Also in on what the Gladiators are doing is Rowan. He tells his daughter, Olivia, that B613 has plants, spies and cameras everywhere and that his black-ops sources know OPA is trying to bring down the organization. He begs his daughter to stop investigating who is funding B613.

7. Quinn and Huck make out. Again. But this time, it's mutual -- at least until Quinn pushes him off of her. She shows him that she is the one in the driver's seat. He's doing everything he can to get her out of B613, including appealing to Olivia.

8. Knowing that something isn't right with Quinn's story about Huck, Charlie unexpectedly moves into Quinn's apartment.

9. Jake threatens Rowan to stay clear of Command, but Rowan has the last laugh when he hits Jake where it hurts: He's alone and has nothing outside of B613. It sets up a Command showdown between the duo after Jake thanks him and says, "When I decide to kill you, I need to do it all by myself." Afterward, and perhaps in a play to save his own ass, Rowan calls Olivia and tells her that every department is funding B613.

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10. Quinn is rapidly moving to the head of her class at B613, impressing Jake after she gets Demetri to roll over on Ivan, Marie Wallace and Adnan Salif.

11. Speaking of Mama Pope and Adnan, the later goes to OPA and appeals for help. She offers to turn on Wallace in exchange for immunity. After Harrison explains that he owes one to Adnan -- who he would have done eight years in federal prison for had he not turned on her.

12. After David secures immunity for Adnan, Abby discovers that Adnan seduced Harrison (again) and drugged him, stealing all the information about the Grant campaign -- including secure exit plans -- from Olivia's computer and handing it over to Big Bad Ivan.

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