'Scandal': Are Olivia and Jake Getting Back Together?

Scandal S01 Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Photofest

Scandal S01 Still - H 2015

Kerry Washington was right when she said that Olivia is a "different woman" when Scandal returns for the second half of its fifth season next month.

In a new trailer for the Shonda Rhimes drama's midseason return, Olivia has ditched her trademark white hat in favor of bright red — and a seemingly bold new attitude to accompany that. But the big change for Olivia, post-abortion and post-Fitz breakup, is just whose arms she seems to be running into: former flame Jake. Watch carefully around the 10-second mark in the clip below and you'll see Olivia literally running into Jake's arms for a steamy smooch.

Also potentially in the cards is Mellie, who is now running for president following the six-month time jump from Scandal's game-changing midseason finale.

Watch the clip, below.