'Scandal': Deadly Shooting Prompts … Gun Control Debate? (Exclusive Video)

Following the deadly shooting that left the lives of James and David in limbo, first lady Mellie Grant and vice presidential candidate Andrew Nichols may be making the issue a political one.

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In an exclusive video from Thursday's new episode "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," the first lady (Bellamy Young) and vice presidential candidate (Jon Tenney) get into a spirited debate about gun control, with the former believing three days is too long to wait to get a gun, while her love interest thinks it's time for stiffer background checks.

Of course the debate follows the shocking reveal that Jake (Scott Foley) -- who will do anything to protect the president and the Republic -- turned his gun on the reporter and her source, who were threatening to expose the fact that VP Sally Langston (Kate Burton) killed her husband and the chief of staff and first lady covered it up. Plus the third shot may have claimed the life of either James (Dan Bucatinksy) or David (Josh Malina).

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But Mellie and Andrew's spirited debate, over food and what appears to be a handful of mini bottles of booze, naturally evolves from politics to the personal when Andrew hits pause and again professes his love for the president's wife.

"It's a shame that he can't see you the way I do," he tells her.

Check out the exclusive clip to see the chemistry between the duo, and hit the comments below with your thoughts on what you think will happen next. Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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