'Scandal' Deleted Scene: Abby Learns the Shocking Truth (Exclusive Video)

Prepare to see Darby Stanchfield deliver the most heartbreaking quiver-lip ever.

In a deleted scene from Scandal's second season, Abby (Stanchfield) demands that Olivia (Kerry Washington) tell her the truth -- or risk the ace investigator quitting OPA! -- about David (Josh Malina)'s romantic history with Theresa Dunn.

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Diehard Gladiators will recall that Harrison (Columbus Short) pushed Abby to do a background check on her new boyfriend/former ADA. The result was that David's ex-girlfriend told Abby he was abusive -- striking a chord with the woman who was battered at the hands of her ex-husband before Olivia stepped in to give her a new life.

In the scene above, Abby learns the honest truth -- that both Olivia and Harrison betrayed her trust and created what she thought was an unfixable rift in her burgeoning new romance.

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While poor Abby is completely shattered (and really, who wouldn't be?!), her romance with David appears to be back on track following the season two finale.

"In the first couple episodes, there's something around the corner for Abby and David," Stanchfield recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "I don't know what, but they're definitely sniffing around each other. I don't know if it's on, but it's not off. We'll see [how it will take] shape. Maybe she'll shove another finger in his mouth!"

Season two of Scandal is Sept. 3 on DVD. Season three premieres Oct. 3 on ABC. In the meantime, check out THR's Guide to Scandal from A-Z by clicking here

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