'Scandal': Will Fitz and Olivia Get Married?

Scandal - H 2015
Courtesy of ABC

Will they or won't they? That's the big question heading into Thursday's Scandal, in which Fitzgerald Grant and his mistress the love of his life, Olivia Pope, may be forced to tie the knot.

While there very much is a real love there, the circumstances that could force Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia (Kerry Washington) to get married at this juncture in their relationship are anything but ideal, as the president faces an impeachment trial brought on by his not-quite-ex-wife, Mellie (Bellamy Young).

This is the latest roadblock for the on-again, off-again couple who, after years of longing to be honest with the American public about their relationship, finally got what they wanted — though they're both learning that getting what you dreamed of doesn't always end up the way you'd imagined.  

Given the circumstances, Olivia and Fitz must decide whether they should rush the nuptials out of a necessity to prevent her from testifying against the love of her life or if they look for another solution and wait to make their union official when they can do so out of love.

So can Fitz and Olivia ever really get married out of love rather than necessity?

"I do think it's possible, yes," Goldwyn tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I'm not sure how you do it and have it not be the last episode of Scandal, but I do. Maybe I'm too into his point of view, but I can totally see that happening."

For now, Olivia seems content to be out in the public and adjusting to her role in the public spotlight as the apparent first lady in waiting — a point on which the couple disagrees.

"Fitz and Olivia both need to be on the same page about what needs to happen [in order for them to get married]," Goldwyn says. "There are always so many obstacles weighing on each of them in different ways, particularly on Olivia. There's always something that makes it difficult or impossible for her to live in that space of doing something purely because her heart tells her to do it, so a lot of that crap would have to be cleared out."

The first step on that path may come Thursday when Fitz and Mellie finalize their divorce. But will Olivia rush into marrying the president so soon after being outed? Only time will tell.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. Check back to THR's The Live Feed after Thursday's episode for more from Goldwyn