'Scandal': Should Fitz and Olivia's Romance Be Done for Good?

THR quizzed the cast to find out what they think of the show's seemingly doomed fan favorite couple.
Nicole Wilder

Olivia and Fitz may be TV's most doomed couple. Scandal's central on-again, off-again couple not only have to contend with the presidency — and first lady Mellie Grant — as obstacles to their romance, but also the commander-in-chief's political decisions, the latter of which has proven to be their latest roadblock.

After former gladiator, Stephen (surprise returning alum Henry Ian Cusick) came to Olivia's (Kerry Washington) rescue after her abduction, D.C.'s top fixer blasted the president for waging war in a bid to spare her life. That, of course, was followed by Olivia throwing the ring Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) gave to her at the president. Yet again, the couple's fate was left hanging in the balance, and it remains unclear if the duo can find their way back to one another.

The Hollywood Reporter hit the PaleyFest red carpet to quiz the Scandal stars on whether they think it's time Fitz and Olivia once and for all put an end to their rocky romance.

Tony Goldwyn (Fitz)

No way! I can't believe you'd even ask me that! No, Fitz and Olivia deserve to be together — and will be together. I don't know if [showrunner] Shonda [Rhimes] agrees with me or not. As dark a place as they're at right now, I don't think his determination has waivered. When they're in the same room together, there's this inevitability that they can't deny — and I think there's a good reason for it. Kerry and I have a thing where it's almost like taboo to talk a lot about Olivia and Fitz's relationship. As actors, we don't talk very much about the scenes we do together; when we're acting together, it just seems to work and make sense to both of us. We talk about our lives as people, but it's funny — we're very respectful of whatever mojo Shonda has found in the two of us, and we don't want to mess with it. I think if Olivia would just give into this inevitability they could have an extraordinary life and a powerful relationship together. Vermont can be their vacation home. I don't think she's going to be making jam anytime soon!

Scott Foley (Jake)

No, I don't think they should call it off for good. But it's definitely tough at this moment for the two of them to make a real go at it, especially given where her head is — having been kidnapped and tortured. I also think Fitz and Mellie are in sync now, working together to give Mellie a good shot at running for office. This makes things hard for Olivia and Fitz to really put their all into their relationship, and as long as Fitz is president, it's going to be hard for them. But still, I think they have a shot. They're talking about the end of the presidency, so I think they have chance; I hope there's a chance for the two of them.

Bellamy Young (Mellie)

(Laughing) No! Because then we wouldn't have a show! I want them to be tortured and in love and miserable and fitfully happy! And dreamy, dreamy, dreamy for as long as Shonda wants to write the show.

Josh Malina (David)

Since I have a Tumblr account, I think I can say that there are many people who would like this story not to be over. But I think not. However it ends up on the other end, I think there's still more track to be put down in terms of their story. 

Darby Stanchfield (Abby)

Yes! I've always thought that! He either needs to s— or get off the pot! I'm a purist. It's Olivia Pope. She wears white. She deserves the whole enchilada; not just part of it. She doesn't deserve to be a sidepiece. 

Katie Lowes (Quinn)

No! Olivia does deserve something more but would the show still exist without all their tension?! I'm just thinking about my job! (Laughing.) As a fan of the show, it's pretty bad where they last ended up. If I was Olivia's friend, in real life — sure, I'd tell her they were done. I would say, "This is bad news bears! You should be done with all of these guys and be single for a while. Be single, go gay, be alone for a second, maybe deal with some of the PTSD that you may or may not be struggling with!" But for the show, no! They have to be together! They have to stay together because that's what we're here for: Love! Love rules the day, doesn't it?! Love cures all! Love conquers hate! That's the optimist in me, I can't help it!

Guillermo Diaz (Huck)

No, I don't think they should be done for good. I'm Team Olivia and Jake — I'm Team Olivia first of all — but I feel like her energy with Jake is a lot more exiting but I don't think she should be done with Fitz. Olivia at the end of the day wants to be with Fitz so I don't think it should be over.


Jeff Perry (Cyrus)

That's a hard one! I've given up speculating what Shonda can pull off. I'm biased, but I also consider myself a lover of really good writing, and hers is amazing. She continues to surprise me. You look at the Ferguson episode — no one would expect Shonda to drop every bit of "oh-my-God" surprise of the episodes and focus on this part of the national heartache. But she just knows that this conversation is something she wants to address, and she goes and addresses it without blinking. In Shonda I trust. 

[Editor's note: Kerry Washington had laryngitis and was unable to participate in this story.]

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