'Scandal''s Guillermo Diaz on Huck's Stunning Betrayal (Q&A)

"Huck needs his time in the sun," the actor tells THR.

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the episode of ABC's Scandal  "The Testimony of Diego Munoz."]

What the Huck indeed.

Guillermo Diaz's faithful Gladiator delivered an emotional bombshell during Thursday's Scandal — one so big (and emotional) that nearly everyone connected to B613 and the White House is now in jeopardy.

After Huck — excuse us, Diego Munoz — handed off all of David Rosen's (Joshua Malina) organized B613 files to his estranged wife, Kim (Jasika Nicole), she in turn sought to rid the world of the black-ops group that salvaged her family.

A freaked out David turned to Jake (Scott Foley), and both were shocked to learn that Huck put B613, OPA and the White House in danger in a bid to reclaim his wife and son. Together, the trio devise a plan that will see Huck "forget" everything about B613 when he testifies. But things don't go as planned, and poor Diego Huck winds up sharing everything about his time in the hole. His testimony winds up motivating David to do the right thing and, once again, attempt to topple B613.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Diaz to discuss Huck's motivations for turning on OPA, find out whether Kim — and their son, Javi — are in danger, and more.

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We finally know Huck's real name! How much more of Huck's past can we expect to learn this season?

We're learning so much about Huck. The fact that he opened up about being in the hole and his experience there showed us a side of him that we've never seen before. We're seeing that he's really been trying in the past by going to meetings — he doesn't want to torture people anymore — but this time he has taken a huge step forward and taken a chance. He's admitted to Rosen that B613 was real and they actually put him in this horrible place in this hole and that he was tortured and what he went through. Huck telling that story shows you that he doesn't care anymore — he just wants his family, wants to be with his wife and kid. That's the most important thing to him out of everything — even more important than being there for Olivia. Of course he's always going to be there for Olivia, he cares about her, but his family is number one, and we saw that last night. 

Does he think he can have his family back for good?

I don't know if that can happen without a lot of really bad consequences coming along with that. I can't imagine that it's going to be that easy — that it's all just going to fall into place. And I don't know if I want it to happen that way; I like that things are a bit off and dangerous right now. Everybody has to watch their back now because the B613 files have been exposed and they're after B613 now and really trying to bring them down. It's a really exciting time on the show right now.

Does Huck realize that with these files coming out people will find out what he's done and the killer that he is? Can Huck even let go of his killer ways?

Huck goes back and forth; he's a family guy who wants to be normal and be with his wife and kid but he keeps being drawn back to this dark side. He does get a bit of pleasure out of torturing people and cutting up bodies — but he's such a good guy! I don't think he would do that to someone who didn't do something really bad. He just doesn't go out and randomly hurt people. Except for Quinn, he pulled her teeth out and I don't think she deserved that. But I feel like that's always going to be a part of Huck; it's just a matter of him controlling it. Can he control it? Can he stop doing this for good? Can he stop hurting people in this way? Can he stop torturing people? I don't know what the answer is or if he can. Or if he can, it's going to be a long process and a lot of therapy to get to that place! (Laughs.)

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Huck said he was going to protect Olivia, but he's left her vulnerable at the worst time. How is she going to feel about this?

Olivia is going to be heartbroken. She's going to feel betrayed. She's going to feel out of the loop because Huck didn't confide in her and she's the first person he should have confided in. I don't think he wants to pull her into this situation right now because he knows she has so much going on. By not telling her, he thinks he's protecting her. But at the end of the day, it's going to do more bad than good and she's going to be hurt and upset by it. Huck put a strain in their relationship, but worse things have happened and they've gotten through it, [and] something tells me they'll be OK.

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Huck's testimony also puts the Grant administration at risk. How much of a blow to the White House will this be?

It could be a huge explosive and a lot could go down. At the end of the day, Huck was doing the right thing: He was telling the truth. If Huck didn't get that out, it would continue to torture him inside and I don't think it's fair for him to hold all that in his gut and protect all of these people. No one has been through more than what Huck has been through. I applaud Huck speaking up and saying that all this was real. I feel like it [wasn't] fair for everyone to expect him to never say anything about this. Huck is ready for it to be his turn to be happy and have a family. Everyone else is happy around him — to an extent; they're happy and sad and have gone through a lot — but no one is as sad as Huck. Huck needs his time in the sun. Huck needs to walk in the sun; as Olivia and Jake say, it's his time to be happy.

Are Huck, Kim and Javi in danger? There are still B613 people out there — Rowan, Charlie — who could pose a threat to them.

He knows [they're in danger]. But if anybody can protect Kim and Javi, it's Huck. I think Jake and Rosen have his back — not that Rosen can do much as far as protecting them in that way — but Jake certainly has his back. He's going to do all he can to protect his family. And he has Quinn — she is a major ally who will have is back and help along the way. Huck has his little team that's going to help him out ... and make sure everyone is safe.

Charlie is coming back: Will Charlie support Huck turning on B613? He's also in danger with the files going public.

Who knows! Charlie is a loose cannon. He's his own man and he's going to be really upset and pissed when he finds out that Huck put all this out there. I don't know if he'll go along with it and play along. He's such a dark character; I feel like he's worse than Huck. Huck wants to be better — he doesn't delight [in] doing what he does, even though he's addicted to it. But Charlie truly enjoys killing people and getting these jobs. I don't think Charlie is going to be happy about this at all.

David refuses to shut down this investigation. Who exactly is he going after?

There are thousands of B613 agents out there that we haven't seen or touched on, if not more. It's quite a large community. In these upcoming episodes, we'll find out that there are a lot more B613 agents than we know of.

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How many of them will be on Huck's side?

It'll be a split, some will be on Huck's side and some won't. Some will want nothing to do with what's going on. I don't think they'll be able to get to every single B613 agent. The focus has to be Command and getting the leader of the group and then everything else will fall into place or break down once we get that top guy — and that's Rowan. That's who they have to focus on and take down first.

Rowan has outsmarted them so many times in the past. Is there a legitimate chance the series will ever topple B613 this season? It would almost feel like a bit of a reset for the show.

I hope so. I think it's definitely a possibility. After [showrunner] Shonda [Rhimes] killed James and ... Fitz killed Verna, anything is possible on this show. I think it could happen and it would bring a new excitement to the show if they made this happen. It would be really exciting. 

Jake seems really against the B613 files going public. Why?

I wonder if Jake feels like he doesn't deserve it. Part of me thinks Jake may feel like he doesn't deserve to stand in the sun and he thinks this is his fate for having done all these horrible things and that he's getting what he deserves and doesn't deserve to be happy. I wonder if that's part of why Jake is so upset about it. What would happen if everyone saw B613 for what they were and took them down and they were held accountable? Then they would have to be happy but being happy is more difficult than living the life they're living now because that's all they know; it's what they're used to — living these dark, underground lives that they've been living for so long.

Is Quinn going to feel betrayed by Huck? Will Kim and Quinn ever meet?

Huck and Quinn are always going to have each other's back. Last season, Quinn gave Huck information about his family and that showed us that Quinn cares about him. She just wants him to be happy. Their friendship will last a long time. If she didn't leave after Huck pulled her teeth out, and she ain't going nowhere now! They're always going to be in each other's lives and have each other's backs.

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