'Scandal' Index: Who Was the Most Scandalous in the Season 4 Premiere?


9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 25 (ABC)

Welcome to The Hollywood Reporter's Scandal Index!

We're looking to you, loyal Gladiators, to help determine season four's Most Scandalous Scandal character with our new index.

Here's how it works: Each week, we'll select the most jaw-dropping, head-scratching, What the Huck-type moments from the episode and put the vote to you with a weekly poll. We'll close the poll before every new episode of Scandal and track the "winners" all season long. Then, at the end of the season, we'll crown someone the King (or Queen) of Scandal and interview the winner using your questions from Twitter (and some of our own). Sound good? Great! Now let's get under way with the season four premiere, titled "Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia."

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[Warning: Spoilers ahead!]

Olivia: Sex on the beach off the coast of Zanzibar with Jake — as new identity Julia Baker! She has no desire to return to gladiating and lashes out at Abby for abandoning Quinn and Huck. She did the same, no?

Fitz: The new Fitz 2.0 is buried in his work — and apparently contemplated suicide after the loss of his son. A secret Mellie vows to put in the bank — along with everything else. More: He vows not to see Olivia, but Mellie just knows better and asks that he at least be honest when he does.

Mellie: Gone are the gowns, makeup and waxing; in are sweatpants, booze and carefree snarky comments. Grieving Mellie is snarrrrrky! When Fitz goes to visit his son, he finds the first lady lying on his gravesite. Heart. Broken. Bonus: "It's 1976 down there!"

Abby: She's the new White House press secretary — and is just so done with OPA. She lashes out at her former boss for giving up on everyone, including the late Harrison. 

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Quinn: She's learned from the best and helped bring Olivia back to D.C. for Harrison's funeral, which brings all the Gladiators back together for an emotional service in which Olivia reveals that Harrison grew up in a group home and had no family other than OPA.

Huck: He's working at a computer repair shop under the name Randy and only wants to entertain Olivia if she's back for good. More: He won't respond to any questions for "Huck" and reveals that Randy has no hope. He tells Olivia not to come back unless she's back for good. It's a dagger right to Liv's heart. But it all works out in the end, and OPA winds up getting back together.

Cyrus: Portia de Rossi is Liz, the new head of the RNC, and Cyrus is not a fan. He suggests she hit the road on her "broomstick." Liz is fierce but doesn't seem to be a match for Cyrus. And we love when Cyrus gets punchy.

David: Cyrus pulls him away from his B613 recon and accepts the president's nomination to be the next attorney general of the U.S. Turns out it was his obsession over the files that led to his split with Abby. The plot thickens!

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Jake: Back from standing in the sun, he demands David pull the trigger on the B613 files — or give them back so he can get the job done. Then, when Olivia interrupts their sex time, he fights for her: "I'm the one you like to ride … I'm the one who makes you moan." Steamy!

Other: The wildcard this week is Rowan (Joe Morton), who straight up lies to Olivia that he had nothing to do with Harrison's death. He does so again when he tells her that he killed her mother, under Fitz's orders. Bonus: Olivia also learns from her dear old dad that her mother is the one who was responsible for killing the president's eldest son.

Who was the most scandalous this week? Vote below in our poll and help us crown a King (or Queen) of Scandal.