Who Makes the Worst Decisions on 'Scandal'?

The cast offers their surprising answers
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[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season four midseason finale, "Where the Sun Don't Shine," of ABC's Scandal.]

When Olivia, Jake and Fitz make a bad decision, they really commit to it on ABC's Scandal.

During Thursday's midseason finale, the love triangle teamed to take down Rowan, Olivia's father and the head of B613. Of course the trio had already made one major play to take down Command and that resulted in the deaths of a score of special ops troops as Rowan continued to remain a step ahead of everyone and live to see another day.

Worse: Their combined efforts to bring down Rowan and disband black-ops group B613 may have led to Olivia's kidnapping for another of the show's signature cliffhangers. (Of course, that came after Olivia pointed a gun at Rowan and literally pulled the trigger for a kill shot only to find out that it wasn't even loaded.)

Given the scores of seemingly bad decisions everyone in the White House and OPA — and beyond! — have made this season, The Hollywood Reporter hit Scandal's Hollywood set to quiz the cast on which character really needs a life coach. 

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Kerry Washington (Olivia)
Charlie. It's all that sugar. His brain is foggy!

Tony Goldwyn (Fitz)
Great question, we all make such bad decisions! I'd say Mellie. Even though we love Mellie, I think she makes some really bad decisions. She's not all bad, she has a good heart, but Mellie makes the most bad decisions.

Bellamy Young (Mellie)
I love that about us all, that we flame out so gloriously! Who makes the worst decisions? That's a draw! I wouldn't know!

Scott Foley (Jake)
I think that Quinn has made some pretty awful decisions. Especially with regards to OPA and her relationship with Charlie. 

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Jeff Perry (Cyrus)
Cyrus has made some bad ones this season! Even going back to thinking it was a good idea to entrap the vice president's husband and use James as bait. Cyrus has had quite a good string now for months of horrible decision making! Mellie's poor decisions are understandable. I don't know if they're bad because you can understand where they come from when you see her team with Elizabeth North. I worry about Quinn with her Charlie business, too.

Darby Stanchfield (Abby)
I feel like Olivia actually makes bad decisions lately. It breaks my heart to say that but she makes so many wrong decisions with her parents and with these men. It seems like she's always lately getting in her own way. She can fix other people but she gets in her own way and she has not gotten out of it or fixed it yet. And she seems to be clouded about that. It's good she's wearing a lot of gray lately.

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Katie Lowes (Quinn)
I'm tied between Cyrus and, in some ways, Olivia Pope is getting better. I think the end of season three when she chose to go away and fix the problem herself. But I think Cyrus with the whole prostitute thing is really bad.

Guillermo Diaz (Huck)
Right now, probably Cyrus. He hired a hooker! Or Andrew Nichols. But everyone is pretty bad!

Josh Malina (David)
Abby doesn't want David around and that is possibly the single-worst decision any character possibly in the history of television has made. But certainly in the world of Scandal, it's the worst romantic decision anyone has made.

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Joe Morton (Rowan)
I hate to say it but I think it's David Rosen!

Portia de Rossi (Elizabeth)
Where do you start?! I hand that prize to all the men on the show! They are being batted around like cat toys by these women; and I know that's what makes it so intriguing to watch is there's a bit of a gender role flip, which is so interesting. But the prize goes to the president himself. I was going to say Jake but Fitz is such a poor man. 

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