'Scandal': OPA on High Alert as New B613 Threat Looms

A surprise visitor pays David Rosen a visit with information that could bring down the Grant administration — and OPA.
Adam Taylor/ABC

ABC's Scandal will find itself revisiting a familiar enemy this week when the B613 threat puts Olivia Pope & Associates and the Grant administration in danger.

During Thursday's episode, David Rosen (Josh Malina) is caught off-guard when a surprise visitor reveals inside information about the black ops group. While the threat is new, it's not the first time that OPA and the White House will have to unite against the common enemy — this time probably without having to face-off against Rowan (Joe Morton).

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"It's extremely dangerous; the stakes are crazy high right now," says Guillermo Diaz (Huck).

While the identity of that mysterious visitor with the power to change the face of the country remains unclear, diehard Gladiators will recall that Huck gave his estranged wife Kim (Jasika Nicole, rumored to be returning at some point this season) incriminating B613 files in a bid to prove to her that he's not crazy and was indeed part of a black-ops group that stripped him of his family.

"The fact that she has the files is not a small detail," Malina says. "There will be some surprises as to who the players are and potentially what sides they're on — there will be some shifting allegiances. The players and their positions are going to be surprising. It's an interesting question as to how David responds to being presented with the files that he organized. You will see some of that."

To hear Scott Foley — who plays former B613 baddie Jake — tell it, the new threat will have ramifications for everyone ranging from Huck, Quinn (Katie Lowes) and OPA, as well as the White House.

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"There are ramifications due to everyone's involvement in B613 and questions about whether the actions they take are legal or not — or if they fall in the gray area," Foley says. "Everyone is going to have to deal with that, and there's a storyline coming up about how Huck, Quinn, Jake, David and even Fitz — everyone involved — although Joe is off doing his own show now — how everyone involved in B613 is dealing with the aftermath of B613."

The wildcard here, however, could be Huck, who — given the fact that he voluntarily handed over the incriminating B613 files to Kim — has proven that he's willing to do almost anything to get his family back.

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Diaz says that "for his family, Huck would be willing to betray OPA. For the mother of his child and for Javi, yeah, he would — but not in a way that would completely screw things up with him and OPA. But he would do it in a way that's not a complete deal breaker, where they could still work together. It's Huck, he's capable of anything."

Bellamy Young (Mellie) sums up the latest threat, saying: "That much secrecy and murder and mayhem and power can't be kept down. The more you try and shove it in the hole, it just keeps getting bigger and fights back."

Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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