'Scandal': Rowan Tries to Fix the Mother of All Problems (Exclusive Video)

Who has the upper hand between Rowan (Joe Morton) and Maya (Khandi Alexander) on ABC's Scandal?

Following last week's major reveal that Olivia's mother is not only alive but being kept as an inmate at a maximum security prison under her husband's oversight, the two come face to face in this week's "Vermont is for Lovers Too" episode.

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In an exclusive clip from the hour, Rowan -- frustrated that Olivia caught wind of how her mom really passed away -- informs his estranged wife that he's moving her out of the country to a new room "further away and harder to find."

Only he doesn't have the last word. Maya demands -- an impressive request to the head of B613 -- to see their daughter before she travels to "some godforsaken room in some godforsaken country to spend the rest of my godforsaken life there."

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Check out the clip, above, to see just how Rowan responds to his wife's request and hit the comments below with your thoughts. Do you think it's time for a Pope family reunion? What would that even look like? Scandal airs on  Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC. Check back to THR's The Live Feed on Thursday for an interview with Alexander as well as our weekly Scandal case study postmortem.  

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