'Scandal' Season 2 Finale: The 10 Biggest Surprises

Scandal Kerry Washington Desk - H 2013

Scandal Kerry Washington Desk - H 2013

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday's "White Hats Back On" episode of Scandal.]

During Thursday's season two finale of ABC's breakout hit Scandal, the Defiance team welcomed a shocking new member as Olivia was forced to make a heartbreaking decision about her relationship with Fitz.

Meanwhile, Quinn further explored her dark side as the mole's identity and motives were revealed with a familiar face returning to challenge President Grant in his re-election campaign, setting the stage for the third season of the fast-paced political drama. Here are the 10 major reveals from the episode.

1. Olivia (Kerry Washington) has a very Star Wars moment, finding out that Rowan (Joe Morton) is … her father! (Dun. Dun. Dunnnnnn.) And what a father he is as the head of B613 -- he gives a sex tape of his daughter with Jake to Cyrus in order to screw up Fitz's relationship with her. Daddy knows best?

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2. Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) joins Olivia, Mellie, Cyrus and Hollis (Gregg Henry) in Defiance. Is the ABC political thriller setting the stage to follow Fitz's re-election campaign and his "support" staff?

3. Olivia learns that Fitz killed Verna. Sad face.

4. Quinn (Katie Lowes) goes full badass, drilling directly into Billy's (Matt Letscher) leg when poor Huck (Guillermo Diaz) goes all "752" and is unable to torture him. We approve!  

5. Olivia is revealed to be the president's mistress, but one major question remains: Who leaked the news?!

6. Fitz wants to divorce Mellie (Bellamy Young) and run for re-election with Olivia by his side, but ultimately Liv breaks things off with him (again!) after seeing how much damage she's caused him. Mellie, being the ultimate power player she is, takes him back. Sadder face.

7. Gov. Reston (Tom Amandes) -- the guy who should have been president -- returns. He's working with Billy Chambers and seems to know everything about the rigged election. We had a feeling we'd see him again, and here's hoping for more of Reston vs. Grant next season.

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8. David (Josh Malina) didn't betray OPA. Yes, he snagged the Cytron card, but he gave the real one to Cyrus, who destroys it and what he hopes is any evidence of the rigged election. To celebrate? David sends Olivia a very fitting White Hat (hence the episode's title).

9. Jake (Scott Foley) seems to be a good guy after all when he's unable to stay away from Olivia. Sadly, he winds up being thrown in the hole that helped Huck forget his family. Saddest face.

10. Billy is arrested and hauled off … likely to return when we least expect him to?!

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